Leesburg Cemetery Spring CLean-Up

Leesburg Cemetery will begin Spring cleanup on April 30, 2021.

Spring cleanup is aimed at improving navigation through walkways, creating safe environment for workers while mowing, and maintaining overall appearance of cemetery.

The following items are prohibited by Leesburg Cemetery rules and regulations and will be removed.

  • Ceramic vases / flowers pots, landscape mulch, gravel, lights, unauthorized borders, wind chimes, whatnots, birdbaths, or any other type of breakable container or figurine that may pose as hazard to maintenance crews, mowers, and visitors.

  • Benches made of wood, iron, or concrete are not permissible. (benches must be made of granite or marble and not in walkway)

  • Seasonal/holiday arrangements (wreath for Christmas, Easter, fourth of July, etc.) Must be removed 21 days after said holiday.

  • Gravemarkers not made of granite, marble, or bronze, are not allowed. (all graves need to be marked with appropriate marker within 60 days)

  • Flowerpots and baskets must be kept on memorial work or in flower box. (not on ground)

We appreciate your help keeping the grounds clean, uniform in appearance, and safe for all visitors.